In the scope of cooperation with you, which includes professional and customized attention to every client, we offer congeneric help with organization of congresses, conferences, and symposiums. Our services can include:

  • meeting hall rental
  • guest list preparation,
  • creation of a special registration form
  • booking accommodation in 3+ Star hotels (***/****/*****)
  • arranging transportation
  • staffing and logistics for your conferences reception, office, and press room
  • organizing accompanying events (banquets, formal galas, etc.)
  • booking technical and multimedia facilities
  • providing translation services
  • preparing and printing of conference materials (transcripts, notes, brochures, slides, schedule, etc.), invitations, handouts, video documentation, etc.
  • VIP guest service
  • trade-show handouts acquisition and delivery
  • Optional / Elective programs for attendees and accompanying guests
  • arranging conducted tours, hostesses, & guides
  • extra cultural attractions: concerts, theatrical and operatic adaptations, exhibitions, etc.
  • Conference materials correction, typesetting, and production.

Motivation and integration

We are familiar with what makes effective Team-Building events. We know how crucial is to set goals and how important is to have sufficient discipline and motivation to pursue those goals. Every single event which you decide to organize with us to reward yourself, your colleagues, or your employees will be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience, and an opportunity for development.
Our experience, in combination with our ingenuity, enables us to create individualized projects especially for you. We guarantee that it will be fulfilling and positive. Each event will be brought to realization by our professional staff who are duteous to your needs.


In the scope of event organization the Meeting Maker team provides a variety of products. Arrangements of jubilees, company’s anniversary celebrations, and important event commemorations are not secrets to us. We guarantee that our attendees will walk away with more than just a positive impression. Each attendee will be beyond satisfied with their experience. Jubilee galas, events which introduce new products, even the craziest event ideas – with Meeting Maker anything is possible.

Sporting. outdoor events and activities

With the hundreds of kilometers of alpine trails, bike paths, well-prepared ski runs, and navigable rivers & lakes available, there are options for everyone to find a pleasant leisure activity to enjoy.

To get your blood pumping and to take your breath away we organize balloon rides, or for the truly adventurous para-glider rides. You will experience Poland’s nature from our deep dark caverns to the crisp mountain tops – traveling through slow walks or zooming on all-terrain vehicles.