Encounters with history and art

We invite you to stay in the most stunning city of our country, the historical capital city, where our kings resided – that is the polish municipality, cracow. There is a plethora of museums, cinemas, and theatres. The city provides the backdrop for variety of internationally relevant festivals and cultural events. Over the week spent with us you will not only see cracow through artist’s, painter’s, and graphic designer’s eyes but you will also allow you to discover the majesty of fine arts. While enjoying “en plein air” in the city of bohemianism you will discover works of art, jewels of architecture, and you will attend classes conducted by knowledgeable lecturers from cracow’s institutions of higher education in arts.
These academics will introduce you to various fine arts techniques including drawing and painting and enumerate the rules of perspective, composition, and color. We will visit a smattering museums and noteworthy places. At the end of your stay we will select top handiworks accomplished by attendees and will organize glamorous private exhibition in or around a cracow landmark.

There are plenty of historical trails in poland on which you can learn about remarkable tidbits from polish history. When you acquaint yourself with some of the countless historical objects and structures present on these trails, you will be astonished by how enveloped in the historical episodes of poland’s past you have become.
We offer historical tours for polish and foreign groups. The program of these activities includes sightseeing, lectures, workshops, and meetings with contributors to the creation and/or longevity of history.

As needed we additionally offer help with hotel booking, organization of catering, and transportation within the package. We can also organize special tours for vip groups, which include permissions to visit features normally closed to the public.

Encounters with nature and culture

Poland is one of few european countries where you can still come in contact with natural woodland and where you can still experience bewildering variety of fauna and flora. We challenge ourselves to demonstrate the plenitude of polish natural beauty for our clients.
We suggest touring nature to polish and foreign groups alike. Special tours dedicated to researchers and persons who want to improve knowledge about nature are available. We organize unique museum visits and meetings with those who work with nature on a a daily basis.
Additionally we are happy to help with accommodation, catering and transportation.

Many cultural events are organized in our country. We keep track of all performances, concerts, and special happenings which take place throughout poland. We can organize the whole program of your stay in a given city (or cities) in poland. The program ranges from ticket-booking for events to room, board, and transportation reservation amongst other services.
Programs can be prepared for groups and individual clients, from poland and overseas. We arrange meetings with famous artists held in polish or in english and posh events which take place in the rented vip zone of one of our many available cultural facilities. We suggest cultural happenings to compliment your conference, training course, or socializing event.

Encounters with polish cuisine

Our culinary journey through the poland is a journey full of surprises and remarkable impressions. In every part of the country you can experience the diversity of polish cuisine. During visits in the biggest polish municipalities we encourage you, not only to enter the traditional polish restaurants, but also to try modern places which follow recent culinary trends. You will be given the opportunity to acquire the taste for all kind of food. We will start with the traditional polish bread and cold cuts. Continuing through dishes prepared on the basis of different kinds of meat, grains, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. Ending with polish honey and mushrooms. You will taste cakes, pastries and pies. Further, you will also partake polish alcohol rarities such as traditional vodka and fruity liqueurs.
Additionally, we offer help with transportation and accommodation for groups.

For foreign tourists and business groups

We deal in professional customer services for touristic and business groups from around the world. We are experienced in organizing sightseeing, transport, and accommodation. An additional asset we have is that we are acquainted with competent and qualified tour guides from every polish city, who can speak fluently in the most significant business languages.
We help companies organize the stay of vip or vip-groups. We are capable of accommodating various, special needs and interests. We pride ourselves on catering to the desires of the group and providing a customized experience.
We are happy to ensure high-end accommodation, exclusive transportation, the best guides, and further attractions.